The former Olympian, father of 6, and ex-husband to three wives - Bruce Jenner - will formally say farewell to his life as a man during his upcoming interview with Diane Sawyer. To quote his 88-year-old mother Esther, "It takes a lot of courage to do what he's doing."

The 65-year-old will discuss how he has identified as being female from the age of five. Seemingly he will "present himself as a woman" but from the perspective of his mindset, as opposed to his appearance. And, while he won't be revealing his new name, he's using the opportunity to say goodbye to "Bruce." 

According to TMZ, he "talks about the difficulties he's had in life living as a man but not feeling like one. He also spends significant time talking about the impact his decision to have a sex change has had on his family. Bruce realizes he has already become a target for people who either don't understand why he's transitioning or those who have outright contempt for it. But he's doing the interview to both free himself and educate the public so others in his position don't have to go through the pain."

The interview will air in the states on April 24th.

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