Ah, the BRITS. Everyone goes out of their way to be outrageous in the hopes of getting noticed - for good or for ill. Here's who made us a little bit ill.

That is Myleene Klass's bottom. Why are we looking at her bottom? Because she's bent over in what appears to be a fish net stocking discarded by a raver in 1996.

And if you were wondering if it looked any better from the front... that would be a nay. Is it a halterneck boob tube over a dress, WHAT IS IT?! It's badly made anyway, lookit the seam meandering over towards her left knee... In saying that though, Klass has the presence to pull it off. Almost. She'd need a hand pulling that off her to be fair.

Also revealing slightly more than necessary is Daisy Lowe. In all the photos she has the bag around her hip, which only serves to draw attention to the fact that her dress is part leotard. If you're going to put it on, at least f**king WEAR it.

Caroline Flack, we're over the formal shorts already, particularly when they start trying to swallow your entire body. The belt was a good idea.

Between this and the New Jersey lost in Vegas ensemble from the Elle Style Awards, we're not sure what's possessing Jessie J of late. We'll hazard a guess at WWE's Chyna (before the porn). Has to be said, this mirrored jumpsuit would've looked stunning on her if she'd ditched the lippy and the wig. This would a shaved head would be stunning.

Pharrell obviously heard about the floods...

Leigh Francis obviously heard about Pharrell...

Laura Mvula had an interesting take on Cinderella.

While Ellie Goulding went for the more traditional Cinders look. It does have a modern twist though - pockets (someone must've had a word, 'cause here she is at Universal's after party...)

Kimberly Walsh should've left the shower curtain at home, the sheath underneath looks lovely on its own...

And Sara Cox was just nipping out for some fags, stumbled across the BRIT Awards. Winner.

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