They're no Spring Break, but as wedding bands go, they'd be fairly tight. Not sure they'd play many covers though. No wedding is complete without the band banging out Sweet Caroline. 

50-year-old Brad is particularly keen to land the band to play his wedding to Angelina  (it's happening this year by all accounts, but we've heard that one before), and is willing them not to be on tour on the day in question. As it happens, KOL have a few UK dates lined up for the summer, including headlining Isle Of Wight festival in June.

A source told The Sun: "Brad ended up partying with Kings Of Leon last week. He spent most of the night talking to Caleb and he sounded them out about playing. It will happen if they can make the dates work."

Brad and Angelina - who met on the set of 'Mr. and Mrs. Smith' in 2005 (while he was still married to Jennifer Aniston, lest we forget) - have been trying to arrange the ceremony at their French chateau for the past three summers, but other commitments have delayed their nuptials.

A source added: "It's been a long time coming but finally it is going to happen." Again, we've heard that one before.

For those looking for more details as to how Brad wound up "partying with Kings of Leon", knock yisserselves out:

The World War Z star arrived at at Warwick bar and restaurant with The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button writer, Eric Roth, and made a beeline straight for the rockers at their official LA gig afterparty, before heading home at around 3am.

We're assuming Ange was on "morning duty." Six kids with a hangover... grim.