Prime Minister Boris Johnson has produced a campaign video for the upcoming general election which parodies 'Love Actually'.

The scene is a callback to one of the most iconic moments of the Christmas rom com - when Andrew Lincoln's character professes his love for Keira Knightley's via placards.

You can watch the original below:

In the Conservative's three-minute video, Johnson presents a potential voter with placards with such messages as: "With any luck by next year... We'll have Brexit done... (If Parliament doesn't block it again)."

You can see it here:

What's more is Boris has been accused of copying a Labour candidate's campaign video. Dr Rosena Allin-Khan too released a 'Love Actually'-inspired video, emulating the same scene, in late November.

Soon after Johnson's video went live, she tweeted: "Boris Johnson has copied my #ElectionActually video. Tanks. On. The. Lawn.

"Don't share his version in outrage - instead, share my original version. It's us versus Cummings, Johnson, Trump and Farage."

Hard to debate it once you watch the video below:

The general election takes place this Friday 13th December. At least all this nonsense will be over then. For a while.