U2 frontman Bono did not hold back on his feelings about Matt Damon...

GQ published a feature titled "The Evolution of Matt Damon" this week, in which they asked Bono what he thinks about the Hollywood star.

In case you were living under a rock, last year saw Matt Damon visit Ireland to the delight of locals.

He was here shooting the upcoming Ridley Scott film 'The Last Duel', and immediately became a local legend.

But Bono - who happened to be Matt's neighbour in Dalkey during his stay - acted like he was not impressed.

He told GQ: "I’ve lived in this village, or next to this village, for 30 years—this f**ker is there for three months and they make him the king of Dalkey! I mean, it’s unbelievable.

"He’s caught in some kind of local photo shoot with a SuperValu plastic bag, and the rumor that he’s carrying cans, and suddenly he’s got all this credibility that some of us just are incapable of ever achieving.

"He’s beloved! I mean, there’ll be a statue of him there. I don’t know what it was, and what he did. But I’m very annoyed about it. I’m not happy at all."

Bono's "ire" was described by the publication as "theatrical", as he adds: "Thirty years I’ve put into that fishing village, and suddenly the fisher of men takes over!"

The musician also spoke of his and the actor's charity work together. The pair have been friends since 2006, when Matt founded his clean water campaign group water.org.

Bono spoke of Matt Damon as being the perfect celebrity, noting: "He has the thing that the whole world wants: He has freedom. It’s the most intoxicating thing of all. And that, very few very famous people have.

"He’s free from self-consciousness. For a man who looks in the mirror for a living, he’s not even a little bit self-conscious, I’ve found. I mean, I think I’ve got freedom, but I’m self-conscious. When I walk into the newsagent’s, I can see myself walking into the newsagent’s, do you know what I mean? He’s really himself.

"There’s some things you shouldn’t get too good at. Celebrity’s one of them."

(Was... Was that a reference to the lyrics of U2 song "Original of the Species"? Only Bono...)