Kelly Clarkson didn't think much of the performances on Sundays VMAs, taking to Twitter yesterday dubbing Miley Cyrus a 'pitchy stripper' and starting a feud with her BFF and fans.

Of course none of this went down without comment, as Miley's friend Cheyne Thomas branded the former 'American Idol' winner 'fat' and 'bitter' on Twitter after Kelly made her comments in the wake of Miley's rendition of 'Blurred Lines' with Robin Thicke at the ceremony at the Barclay's Centre in Brooklyn, New York City, during which she stripped down to a flesh coloured latex bikini and gyrated against the singer.

Miley herself seemed to ignore the whole debacle and tweeted about the online drama her performance caused saying:

As well as causing a storm on social media, Miley's overtly sexual display has also earned MTV a complaint from the Parents Television Council - a non-profit organisation that campaigns against explicit programming and counts the former 'Hannah Montana' star's dad Billy Ray Cyrus as a member of its advisory board for giving the awards show a TV-14 rating.