In an interview with Conan O'Brien, Bill Burr and the talk show host discussed conspiracy theories and vaccinations.

Bill Burr has a strong rep for his outspoken, humourous takes, and he delivered yet again in his discussion with the talk show host.

"I love a conspiracy that doesn't make any sense," the star of 'The Mandalorian' told Conan.

He distinguished "sheeple" and "Fonzies" as those pro and anti the vaccination.

"If you want to say that they want to come up with something to thin the herd, I will go with that" he said, regarding the conspiracy theory that the vaccination would kill people. "But they would never do a pointed attack on people that are going to do whatever they say."

"They're eliminating the wrong group, if this is the plan," added Conan.

The talk show host and Bill Burr also discussed misinformation on the internet.

"That's why I don't listen to anybody's theories anymore," said Bill. "I just go 'Did you get this information at the library?'

"Ok, if you got it at the library, I'll listen to it, because the library has the decency to break up information between non fiction and fiction. Meaning this happened, and this is just some sh*t that people made up.

"You go on the internet and everything is presented as non fiction."

You can watch the chat between Bill Burr and Conan below.