Justin's not exactly having the best time while he's over here now is he? With getting into almost scraps with paparazzo, showing up two hours late to concerts and getting a bollocking, wearing gas masks on the street and not wearing any clothes at 3am, and requiring a trip to hospital for 'shortness of breath' and having the 'worst birthday ever', it's not exactly gone to plan for the Beebs and team on the first leg of the European tour.

Well now JB's gone and cancelled his gig in Portugal tomorrow night, citing 'unforeseen circumstances' even though he's playing tonight and a Portuguese paper is claiming there just wasn't enough demand for him, and said he's 'never coming back' to the UK after all the trouble he's had. He was also all set to appear on Ant and Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway at the weekend but skipped out on filming due to 'other commitments'.

So it's no wonder it's rumoured he's reaching out to his ex Selena Gomez after being pushed by his mum. See Selena is in Paris promoting her very adult film Spring Breakers, so it's not exactly a stretch of distance for the pair, but really at this stage it's probably in her best interests to stay as far away as possible.

The downfall of Justin Bieber continues. Is there something else afoot here? Guess we won't know until he checks into rehab for 'exhaustion'.