Of course she is, crazy people. Apparently herself and Jay to the Z are paying someone to have the baby for them, that's why her growing stomach collapses in on itself whenever she sits down for an interview with an Australian cowboy. If you're looking for the example in motion, here's the interview with said cowboy. It's over 10 minutes long, so the magical folding baby bump makes itself known approximately 55 seconds in.

I've never been pregnant myself, but I've two older sisters and therefore I've witnessed how frickin' WIIEERRD baby bumps are. They undulate, they pop, and often they produce little foot prints and sometimes a spine. I've even witnessed a pregnant stomach look like a box at one point (the nephew was making [word of the week] placenta angels at the time). In short, a stomach containing a baby doesn't always resemble a perfect protrusion. Then again, I've never seen one do this before... Then again, if this slow news week rumour is true - why would she literally make such a song and dance about it at the MTV VMAs and thereafter? They managed to keep their marriage quiet, why not this? Why am I even asking these questions??

One more: So what if Beyonce has paid someone to have a baby for her - as long as the baby's healthy? Although I might take issue if she flaunts herself around in a belly top a month after the February birth, in a - "Observe how superhuman I am" kind of way, "Take that, standard female earthlings and your non-sexy jelly bits, MWWAA HAW!" That would be a bit annoying. Even Sarah Jessica Parker was upfront about it.

While we're at it, it's not often that I like to toot my own horn *flicks mane*, making reference to some amaaazingly prophetic statement or other, but this was always going to happen at some point... In fact, it's probably been happening for decades.

Or it hasn't been at all, and those who believe it has been are just pitiful conspiracy theorists.