Seeing as how South Africa won this year's Rugby World Cup, they're clearly trying to recruit new players for the next tournament.

Only issue is, the organisers of the Rugby World Cup aren't allowing beluga whales to take part. Still, that didn't stop the South African crew of a Gemini Craft boat near the Arctic Circle tossing the oval around with a nearby beluga whale.

As you can see in the video, it happily goes after the ball and returns it to the crew before tossing it out again for another go. Beluga whales, in case you hadn't already guessed, are incredibly intelligent.

In fact, ten years ago, a captive beluga whale once rescued a distressed participant of a free diving competition by pushing her to the surface. They also have the ability to swim backwards, can dive for up to 25 minutes and for over 800 metres, and can even change the shape of their head by blowing air out of their sinuses.

Every day's a school day, folks. Here's the video.