Johnny Cash once famously wrote a song called Forty Shades Of Green about Ireland's countryside, but he could have easily been talking about the Ireland and South Africa clash today in the Aviva.

Even though it's only two shades of green and not fifty, fans were left somewhat confused by the fact that they were wearing the same colours and weren't all that quiet about it on Twitter.




The IRFU has yet to release any comments on the matter, but to be fair, it's kind of nuts how similar they are - and since when does Ireland play in an away jersey at a home game?

Answers on a postcard, folks.


UPDATE: 20.38

Thanks to @TheShiftyShadow on Twitter, we have an explanation. "It's an alternative kit, not an away kit. Home team always changed jersey because historically the touring teams would have been travelling by ship, for months, with a tonne of kit already without having to carry an alternative kit."


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