The video and photos taken from the shredding of Banksy's latest stunt - shredding a print of 'Girl With Balloon' just moments after it was sold for close to $1.2 million - went viral last week, however it's only told half the story.

A video released on Banksy's YouTube channel has detailed not only the night when the auction happened, but also details the construction of the frame itself, the remote which he smuggled (or one of his assistants) into the auction and the aftermath as it happened. By all accounts, it looks like there was no way of knowing precisely what he had in store, and you can hear one of the auctioneers from Sotheby's remark that he often provides the frames to his works as part of the sale.

Here's the video.

Incidentally, there's still a huge amount of controversy going on over the painting and Sotheby's were debating whether to refund the person who bought it or if it was actually worth more in its new, shredded state. According to the Guardian, the piece has since been retitled as 'Love Is In The Bin' and the original buyer went ahead with the purchase regardless.

What the video also shows, and this part is intriguing, is that Banksy intended for the image to be fully shredded and had even tested the mechanism several times. As you see in the video, the full print was shredded in an instant yet on the auction, it only made it about half way before it stopped.