The BAFTAs, it's always rather muted. For example, look at what Amy Adams turned up in. Sure the silhouette is beautiful, but compared to what she wore to the Golden Globes, this Victoria Beckham number - along with the severe make up an hair - makes her look almost Amish.

Then we have the other extreme - Lily Allen in Vivienne Westwood. The dress alone was enough; the neon hair frond circa 1996 was a touch overkill.

Cate Blanchett also gave a nod to the nineties. It's not so much the sombre Alexander McQueen number, more the massive ode to Flavor Flav pendent she's got swinging round her neck.

Laura Mvula's stylist opted to get her Zbornack inspired creation two sizes too big.

And to the BAFTA's take on the Golden Globes phenomenon, 'The Walking Side Vagina'. This time around it came courtesy of Joely Richardson. This one has teeth.

Saving Mr. Banks star Ruth Wilson came as a Ring Master who enjoys singing Raspberry Beret while whipping an elephant onto a tiny box.

Generally, Fearne Cotton's WilliamVintage ensemble got the thumbs up, but personally I find it a bit on the busy side. Fair enough, it protected her from the elements while she co-hosted (the most boring) red carpet coverage, she even mentioned having thermals on under there, but she just reminded me of Maddie from Moonlighting melded to a hotel reception couch.

Imogen Poots, you had us at the large triangle... With all the little triangles, you are spoiling us... We're not sure where to look. Givenchy was responsible for this.

Maggie Gyllenhaal's Lanvin effort was half bullfighter, half yer Granny's seashell lampshade, and therefore 100% OTT

Miu Miu got it wrong for Lea Seydoux; transparent skirts - unless they're free flowing layers of chiffon - are not classy. That and the bodice is eating her boobs.

Laura Bailey looks like she's been through the mill several times, to the point of trauma and a lust for revenge. Sorry, but she looks fraught to bits. Possibly because her bodice is quite literally sucking the life out of her.

And, finally, we have little Alicia, who's just wondering where she can collect her party bag because it's way past her bedtime.

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