The fact is if you're hanging out with Bear Grylls on one of his heavily-choreographed, constantly-filmed hiking trips, something a little bit odd is going to round the whole thing out.

Normally, it's a case of eating something particularly unusual or doing something you'd never normally do. So it goes in this video with Bear Grylls and human Ken doll and actor Armie Hammer, who sucks milk right out of a goat's teat.

To be fair to Hammer, he was at least respectful to the goat when it happened and as anyone's who lived on a farm will tell you, it's some of the freshest milk you can get. That said, spritzing the camera man with the milk is a quick way of ruining expensive electrical equipment.

Anyway, Hammer just went right for it and seemed to be pretty OK with it and why not? That's good stuff. Straight from the teat.

Take a look.