Well, they expect us to believe that she's peeing on him but, as 'Spiceworld' taught, none of the Spice Girls can act very well.

In a world of 'reality' TV, we really find it hard to believe that Bear Grylls and the like actually think they're pulling the wool over our eyes with their adventures, but lo and behold, he's lined up a fresh batch of celebrities to run wild with and this week former Scary Spice Mel B took a stab at it. And it was a piece of piss. Literally.

After Bear was 'stung' by a jellyfish that was lined up as dinner, Mel B had to pee on his hand (Grylls had conveniently emptied his bladder minutes earlier) and what followed was a farcical attempt at scripted reality TV that would make you want to throw live jellyfish at those involved to see how they'd really cope.