Most big award ceremonies these days have their cringey red carpet moments.

You may remember Hugh Grant at last year's Oscars, for example, when the English actor had an excruciating exchange with presenter Ashley Owen during the pre-Oscars ceremony.

The latest mortifying incident took place at last night's BAFTAs and involved Irish actor Andrew Scott, who was not nominated for anything but was there to present an award with his 'All of Us Strangers' co-star Paul Mescal.

Scott was walking the red carpet and doing short videos before the ceremony when BBC presenter Colin Paterson asked him whether he knew his fellow Irish actor Barry Keoghan well.

Scott smiled and replied that he did know him, but his smile soon faded after Paterson proceeded to question him on Keoghan's naked dancing scene from 'Saltburn'.

A PR person leans in to demand that no spoilers for the film be revealed, and an uncomfortable Scott initially tries to laugh it off, agreeing that he won't spoil anything.

However, the reporter persists, saying "You can spoil away!" and adding "There was a lot of talk about prosthetics. How well do you know him?" at which Scott walks away, leaving Paterson joking "Too much?"

Many have questioned the inappropriate and unprofessional nature of asking someone to comment on a fellow actor's genitals - not least as Scott is a gay man.

Watch the cringeworthy exchange below:

Some called Paterson's line of questioning "appalling" and "disgusting", while another suggested it was tantamount to sexual harassment.

"This is basically sexual harassment carried out by a BBC presenter in front of the cameras," said author Philip Hensher. "If Colin Paterson had asked Margot Robbie if she knew an actor “well” and if his massive cock was as big in real life, consequences would follow pretty quickly."

Neither Scott nor Paterson have made any further comment.