Considering the amount of mind-numbing promo that's involved in releasing films these days, it's understandable when actors and actresses reach their limit with interviews.

However, if you're attending the Oscars, you can probably expect to be asked some inane questions on the champagne (not red this year) carpet.

It seems that Hugh Grant was not in the mood to play ball at this year's event, however, as an excruciatingly painful interview with model/presenter Ashley Graham - who was hosting a 'Countdown to the Oscars' special.

The interview began awkwardly as Grant made reference to William Makepeace Thackeray's 1848 novel 'Vanity Fair' while Graham assumed he was referencing the magazine which hosts the famous Oscars afterparty.

"It’s fascinating … the whole of humanity is here … it’s Vanity Fair," he said, to which she responded: "Oh yes, it’s all about Vanity Fair, that’s where we need to let loose and have a little fun."

It seems that Grant then made up his mind to be difficult, and when Graham asked him "What are you most excited to see tonight? Do you have your hopes up for anyone?”, he replied: "To see? No one in particular."

She then asked "What are you wearing tonight?", to which he replied "Just my suit." Graham asks "Who made your suit - you didn't make it?" and Grant deadpans "I can't remember. My tailor."

Graham then tries a different tack to engage him, saying "So tell me what it felt like to be in Glass Onion, it was such an amazing film, I really loved it – I love a thriller. How fun is it to shoot something like that?", but Grant replies "Well I’m barely in it. I'm in it for about three seconds."

She says "But still you showed up, and you had fun, right?" and he replies "Almost" before she decides to give up and the actor walks away, grimacing.

Watch it below:

However, Grant did later redeem himself somewhat when presenting Best Production Design with Andie MacDowell, his 'Four Weddings and a Funeral' co-star.

"The purpose of this is twofold," he told the audience. "The first is to raise the vital importance of a good moisturiser. Andie has been wearing one every day for the last 29 years, I have never used one in my life." He gestured to MacDowell, saying "Still stunning", before pointing to himself and saying "Basically a scrotum."

The interview, however, has spawned some amusing commentary...