It's that time of the week again... Comment time *shimmies*

Firstly, congratulations again to last week's "bi-winner", Pandora. Now, to this week: there were a few that made the short list, like Penelope's many uses for Jack Bauer's sporran, and her inclinations towards the grandmother's couch... Aine, you made our shortlist for your very convincing feign regarding Cheryl Cole's possible involvement/uninvolvement (just made it up, go with it) in US X Factor, while Cynic's keen eye regarding the whereabouts of a SimpHilton's breasts was most amusing. Other Ciara, I too find Russell Brand's mouth a menacing cavern of doom, and Rachel, I will never look at Bear Grylls in the same light again.

However, as always, there can only be one winner. And this week's winner is Shel, for her very succinct explanation regarding the omnipresence of Katie Price...

"If my eyes could vomit, they would spew every time that I read her name. Yet I read on..."

Congratulations Shel. A €50 One4All voucher will be winging it's way to you within the week.

This week's competition commenceeeeeeess..... now (4.00pm)