Trying to get people to watch your interviews - especially when so many outlets do interviews - can be tough.

In some cases, people (cough) ask about random internet theories involving disappearing up into a character's anal cavity and expanding. In other cases, like Buzzfeed, they deploy a litter of beautiful puppies and then let chaos decide what happens.

While we don't have ready access to puppies, we can confirm that this is the far better option of the two. For lots of reasons, of course, but chief among them is the fact that even the most banal, low-ball questions are made better with small doggies.

For example, Keanu Reeves is asked whether two of his characters - Ted from 'Bill & Ted' and John Wick from 'John Wick' - would get along. Maybe? Christ, how do you answer that? Never mind, just focus on the puppies and ignore the silly questions.

Take a look.