Amanda Bynes has begun to make the first steps towards recovery in the psychiatric hospital where she was forcibly held by a judge last week following her continually erratic behaviour which led to her setting a stranger's driveway on fire.

According to TMZ, doctors at the hospital have been giving Bynes a 'cocktail' of drugs and medicines to control what they believe might be schizophrenia and that Bynes has responded to the meds with surprising speed, no longer hearing voices or acting out. Previous to her forced admission to the hospital, Bynes frequently insulted people, calling everyone from her own parents to Drake (repeatedly) 'ugly', and in the last three days Amanda has stopped talking to herself, lashing out at staff and even dropping 'please' and 'thank you' in there.

While medicating for the disorder is something of a challenge this early in the treatment, doctors are hopeful that Bynes will continue on the path to recovery at this pace. Bynes is scheduled for a court hearing today where she was trying to get out of the hospital but doctors are confident the judge will chose to not release her as she is only beginning to show signs of stability since she was under medical care and she certainly isn't in a position to look after herself seeing as it's rumoured that she's completely broke.

Bynes' parents are said to still be seeking a conservatorship over her and her assets, as they feel it is essential she had long-term care and supervision.

Fingers crossed this means we're getting the old Amanda back.