It seems that not only is TJ Miller's career spiralling out of control, but his life is following suit.

The former Silicon Valley actor and comedian - who last year was accused of sexually assaulting a woman during his college years, which he strongly denied - has been arrested and charged with making a false bomb threat.

Miller was arrested at LaGuardia Airport on Monday night for making the threat last month. Reports suggest that he called police to report a woman "with a bomb in her bag" during a train journey from Washington DC to New York in March. Police stopped and searched the train, but found no suspect device.

He also changed his description of the woman, initially saying that she had 'brown hair and a scarf', then saying that she had 'red hair and a red scarf' and was carrying a black suitcase. He told police that she "kept checking her bag without taking anything out" and that he was "worried for everyone on that train".

When the police officer questioned whether he had been drinking after hearing him slur his voice, he said that he had had "one glass of red wine".

A staff member on the Amtrak train later told police that he had appeared intoxicated upon boarding in Washington DC, had consumed several drinks on board and was later removed from the train in New York due to his level of intoxication - and also that he had been involved in "hostile exchanges" with a woman in the same carriage.

Miller was released on bail, but if found guilty he could face up to five years in prison.


Via Variety