People on Twitter are calling for the 'Guardian's of the Galaxy' actor to be axed from the upcoming 'Super Mario Bros' movie, which has been postponed until Spring 2023.

People have even started to petition to "cancel" him. So we've done a little digging to find some mad (and interesting) online petitions and proposals related to Chris Pratt.

1. Remove Chris Pratt as Garfield

Lasagna-love does not a Garfield make, unfortunately for Chris. While there are many things Garfield hates, like Mondays, there is no room for stars with such a negative association. According to one guy online (and 49 signatories) we need to remove him as the voice actor for the film. Hashtag not our Garfield.

2. Digitally Replace Chris Pratt in 'Jurassic Park'

Someone on Twitter feels the need not only to control Chris Pratt's future, but also his past, calling for him to be Ctrl, Alt, Deleted from 'Jurassic Park'.

3. Make Chris Pratt Hang Out With a Guy

Unfortunately, the petition to get Chris Pratt to hang out with a random lad at a gas station has been closed, but not before it landed 12 supporters.

4. Have Chris Pratt Change His Name to 'Crisp Rat'

The person who started this petition has nothing negative to say about the actor, but he reckons "it sounds the same, but is a much cooler name". We have to agree.

5. Petition to Get Chris Pratt to F*ck Up, Big Time

One reddit user wants to give him the opportunity to save the world so that he can just mess it up. It has 8 up votes. Enough said.

6. Get Jack Black to Star in 'Guardians of the Galaxy'

Someone on Twitter made the suggestion back in 2020 and to be honest, we can see that working pretty well. At this stage we have to ask ourselves: how many Chris Pratt films and TV shows will need to be reworked and who would replace him as Andy in 'The Office'?

7. Get Danny DeVito to Play Mario Instead

We can completely understand why there's a real petition to get Danny DeVito to play Mario over Chris Pratt; he's Italian American, his 'Always Sunny' co-star Charlie Day will be playing Luigi, and he's a bit gas.

Our favorite petition has got to be the call for his name to be changed to 'Crisp Rat', it's a wee bit of harmless craic, isn't it?