Rest assured, Kanye and his various rants do feature quite highly in our top twenty. Go figure. There's even a late entry in the form of a post scheduled for Christmas Day. Quite the heated debate ensued in the comments section... Solange's kung fu lift kicks also get a nod, as does Brian McFadden's TV fees, while Ryan Sheridan - with a little help from some famous sorts - had tears flowing down our faces on Independence Day.

5: Brian McFadden sends bill for Toy Show to entire TV3 news team. Tells Near FM DJ to 'suck it

4: The Knowles at large and Jay Z post yet another symbol of 'togetherness'

3: Watch: Irish Celebs share what they miss about 'Home' for Ryan Sheridan video

2: Kanye West rants for 20 minutes at wedding, shocker. Plus some pics of Kim's guna if of interest /
Kanye West REALLY doesn't like Taylor Swift for some reason... mostly 'jealousy'