While it's not quite December yet, it's clear that the Christmas season is upon us. Here's 10 signs it's that time of year again.


You've seen the Coca Cola AND Corn Flakes ad
Everyone knows you can't start your own countdown to Christmas until you've seen the Coca Cola ad and the Corn Flakes ad on TV. The former even inspired Santa to change his coat colour so they must have some influence with the Big Man.


The iconic department store displays are up
It really isn't Christmas until you've stared in wonder at the window displays on offer in town. Spend an evening walking around and appreciate how much work went into them - there are some seasonal traditions you'll never grow out of.


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The gingerbread latte returns
Instead of checking the calendar, now you only have to look at the flavour of your latte to tell what time of year it is. The pumpkin spice of October is long gone and the Christmas gingerbread replacement is here. Extra cinnamon? Go on, it's Christmas.


Shopping is (more) terrifying
Braving the shops is hard enough anyway, so prepare for town to turn into a busy Saturday everyday. Go in without a strategy and face the consequences. Every year we tell ourselves to get it all done in November. And every year we forget.

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Your jeans feel a lot tighter
It's extra portions of everything at Christmas and snacks in between, so it's inevitable that the waistband is stretched to the max. That January detox couldn't feel further away.


The Christmas Lights-Off between neighbours
Motivation can come from many places, but knowing that the neighbours are doing something better than you is enough to spend a small fortune lighting up your house. If you've managed to rise above all that nonsense, take a trip out and look at other people's efforts for free.

Christmas lights decorations


Christmas FM is on loop
The staple of any Irish Christmas build-up, Christmas FM rises again from Wednesday to provide the soundtrack to your life for the next few weeks. Retail workers say they hate it, but do they really?


The Late Late Toy Show
It might be a regular day for the rest of the world, but the streets of Ireland will be empty on the evening of November 30th as we watch Ryan Tubridy try and control some kids for (approximately) six hours.


It's cold, but not too cold
Christmas jumpers are out and we can all start complaining about the temperature. But compared to what's to come, it's basically tropical.


You're never more than three feet away from a Quality Street
The tasty selection box must have some sort of copyright over Christmas because nothing else gets a look in. The Quality Street tins of Ireland are on a constant conveyor belt round every house/office/school during November and December. Fact.