We've all had some awkward family dinners in our lives, but nothing can compare to the intense scene from this week's episode.

*Careful for spoilers for 'House of the Dragon' episode 8*

This week introduced us to yet another casting change, 6 years on from the last episode. Alicent and Viserys' young Targaryens Aegon II, Aemond and Haelena, Rhaenyra's kids Jacaerys, Lucerys and little Joffrey all got new actors to play them as most of them enter their young adulthood. Baela and Rhaena, Daemon's daughters with his late wife Laena also changed actors for this episode.

With the succession of Driftmark in contention due to Lord Corlys suffering a potentially life-ending injury, Rhaenyra, Princess Rhaenys and Ser Vaemond Velaryon all shoot on over to King's Landing to have their say on who should be the next lord of Driftmark.

However, things take a rather gruesome turn in the presence of a corpse-like King Viserys on the Iron Throne. It turns out Vaemond has had enough of pretending Rhaenyra's children carry his family's blood. However, he learns very quickly that you should maybe keep your mouth shut in front of Daemon when insulting his wife.

Afterwards, Viserys arranges a big ol' dinner so he could see his family together one last time. Things got all nice and mushy for about two seconds before chaos ensues and the kids start giving each other batings. Shout out to the casting choice for Aegon II and Aemond here. This series really knows how to cast actors with extremely punchable faces.

Finally, as Viserys shuffles off the mortal coil, firmly in the belief that Rhaenyra is the true heir to his throne, he goes and ruins it all. In a drug-infused haze, he mutters some stuff about the Prince That Was Promised to Alicent. She, in turn, gets her Aegons mixed up and believes the king just chose her gross little son as heir. That's not good.

And now, we patiently wait for episode 9, because things are about to get verrrry interesting. This season is really hitting its stride now and we're already looking forward to the seasons to come.

'House of the Dragon' episode 9, drops on Sunday, October 16.