Well, that escalated pretty quickly, didn't it? *SPOILERS FOR 'HOTD' EPISODE 7 BELOW*

'House of the Dragon' episode 7 had the holy trinity of storylines - a funeral, a wedding and a murder. Plus, some children taking each other's eyes out. And don't forget the cross-family quarrelling. Oh, and how could we forget the incestuous sex? Okay, so there's a lot to unpack here...

If you were able to see most of this week's episode (thanks to the bold post-production choice of turning everything dark), you'll have (barely) seen a number of bubbling storylines finally come to a head.

The episode was called 'Driftmark', which is the location of Lady Laena's funeral at the top of the show. With awkward vibes coming from all directions, plus a young Aegon guzzling down wine, everything began to heat up once the sun began to set: Rhaenyra and Daemon dabbled in some beach hanky panky; Prince Aemond claims Vhagar as his dragon, which leads to Laena and Daemon's twin daughters Rhaena and Baela launching an attack alongside Jacaerys and Lucerys, the latter of which took out Aemond's left eye; Alicent is not happy, and makes a scene in front of everyone, demanding Lucerys' eye; she and Rhaenyra go head to head, with the Princess being wounded in the arm.

And the drama didn't end there. In between whisperings of her children being "bastards", Princess Rhaenyra and her uncle Daemon hatch a plan to marry in order to strengthen their place in the Targaryen dynasty (and also because they can't keep their hands off each other). Laenor, believed to be dead, secretly flees with his lover Ser Qarl, which means that everyone gets their happy ending, right? Wrong. Alicent and her sneaky little friend Larys Strong are up to something.

Now, there are only three more episodes of the season left to air - so what's next for the Targaryen clan? We are also keen to know whether next week's episode 8, entitled 'The Lord of the Tides', will continue the usual 'Game of Thrones' trend of being the most shocking episode of the season. If so, then perhaps this week's rather impactful episode will pale considerably.

Anyway, here's how viewers reacted to 'House of the Dragon' episode 7 on Twitter.

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