The highly-anticipated return of Hughie and the gang is almost upon us. We've now got our first teaser for the upcoming third season, and it looks as chaotic as ever.

The trailer landed over the weekend ahead of the release of the new 8-episode season on June 3.

One big plotline hint from the trailer is Billy Butcher's lovely glowing eyes. Does this mean he's been having a go at Compound V? A recent Twitter post seems to confirm our suspicions by saying "Soon, it'll time to level the playing field."

Another major talking point from the teaser is the reveal of Jensen Ackles' new character 'Soldier Boy'. We see him strip off wires, straps and and oxygen mask at the end of the video, sporting a bushy beard. Soldier Boy fought in World War II and is described as "the original superhero".

Amongst the hints an nods, there's the usual chaos we have come to expect from Erik Kripke's show, including a heck of a lot of gore. We really can't wait until it airs.

To tide us over, however, Prime Video released 'The Boys Presents: Diabolical' last week. The show is a spinoff of the original and is made up of short animated episodes featuring some old and new characters in different storylines that don't feature in 'The Boys.'

'The Boys' season three releases on Prime Video on June 3. Watch the teaser trailer below.