According to a study, "State of Play" by Nielson, a more more more mentality is what keeps us spending on services... and leaving us unsatisfied with what we have.

In 2005, we'd be more than happy to surf the shelves of our local Xtra-Vision for a movie to watch (and watch and watch) over the weekend. On Friday, we'd be buzzing to visit the same video shop to often rent out the same movie. We can still picture it now; matted blue carpets, the smell of popcorn that you weren't allowed to get because "there's some at home", and the 50 cent sweet machines. Ah, the sweet machines.

Now, even with all the access we have to 'on demand' across loads of streaming platforms, we're apparently not satisfied. 93% of Americans are still ready and willing to throw out more money to grow their rotation of streaming services.

And we get that. Especially in a world where our favourite shows (ahem, 'RuPaul's Drag Race') play roulette with where they'll stream season to season and, on average, 169.4 billion minutes of our lives are spent on streaming. Weekly.

Nielson highlights that the problem isn't really that you have "nothing to watch". While we may think the problem is that we're unsatisfied with what we have, it's actually the opposite — we're overwhelmed with options that are right on our doorstep, or, you know, platform.

We've all been there — flicking through the 'Romance' section so long that we actually end up falling asleep or getting pissed off at our S/O because they can't just pick something.

Choice fatigue is a real condition that apparently 43% of us (well, Americans) suffer from. Imagine how many more billion minutes of watching time we'd enjoy if we got back to that 2005 mentality? Much to think about.