'The Crown' season 3 has been receiving high praise since it hit Netflix last weekend.

The new season covers the epoch of 1964 to 1977. Olivia Colman replaced Claire Foy as Queen Elizabeth and will continue to play the real-life monarch next season. Everyone has been wondering who will play the Queen in seasons five and six of 'The Crown'?

Well the Daily Mail reported that none other than Imelda Staunton had been tasked with the job. Staunton is probably best-known for playing Dolores Umbridge in the 'Harry Potter' franchise. Other notable credits include 'Vera Drake' (for which she earned an Oscar nod), 'Shakespeare in Love', 'Pride' and 'Maleficent'.

Earlier this year, she starred in TV drama 'A Confession' opposite Martin Freeman and the 'Downton Abbey' movie. Next she takes to the stage in the titular role in 'Hello, Dolly!' at the Adelphi Theatre, London.

The 63-year-old actor would have been an ideal fit - alas, it was not meant to be.

Netflix quickly quenched the rumours when they released a statement saying: “We are currently filming season 4 of 'The Crown' but have not commissioned any further seasons as yet, therefore any news on casting remains pure speculation.”

No premiere date for season 4 has been announced just yet.