While we still have yet to get confirmation on when the new series will hit our screens, it's encouraging to see a trickle of promotional videos and images being seeded out by Amazon.

The latest news from 'The Boys' season three sees a new Supe, Blue Hawk, join the ranks. Played by Nick Wechsler ('Revenge', 'It's Always Sunny'), the latest Vought show pony is an original character created for the TV series.

The character was first announced back in June, but now we've got our first official look at Wechsler all suited up.

There was also a festive edition of Vought News Network's 'Seven On 7 With Cameron Coleman' released in conjunction with the news, another satirical and somewhat misleading news bulletin that looks at the franchise created for the screen by series showrunner and writer Eric Kripke.

Blue Hawk will be the face of  '4 Freedom' products, a new brand of American-made goods.

Now, in case you weren't already aware, there are a tonne of new superheroes joining 'The Boys' season three, not just Blue Hawk. As well as Jensen Ackles joining the cast as Soldier Boy, a new group of superheroes known as Payback have been teased, meaning Vought's Seven will have some new competition.

Other new faces this season will include Sean Patrick Flannery as Gunpowder, Miles Gaston Villanueva as Supersonic, Laurie Holden as Crimson Countess, Frances Turner as Monique, Kristen Booth and Jack Doolan as The TNT Twins and Katia Winter as Little Nina.

With so many new characters in the mix, and 'The Boys' being as ruthless, violent, and over-the-top as it is, we can probably expect half of these to survive and make it through the entirety of the third season. Oh, we can't wait.

The original cast of Jack Quaid, Karl Urban, Anthony Starr, Chace Crawford, Erin Moriarty, Claudia Doumit, Karen Fukuhara and the rest will be back for season three.

An animated spin-off series was announced earlier this week, based on the franchise. 'The Boys: Diabolical' will be an eight-episode anthology.

'The Boys' season three will arrive on Amazon Prime at some point in 2022.