We're learning little by little of what to expect of the next season of 'The Boys' thanks to a Youtube web series that is contextualising new episodes.

'Seven on Seven' is here to fill in fans between seasons 2 and 3 of 'The Boys.'

It comes from the show's infamous Vought News Network. Cameron Coleman is its TV news anchor.

The latest 'Seven on 7' webisode offers some sneak peeks at Jensen Ackles' new supe team, Payback.

Payback was the world's premiere team of supes before the Seven was formed.

Ackles' character, Soldier Boy (who we got a neak peek of previously), was the team's leader.

"Retired superhero Gunpowder, best known as a member of the legendary team Payback, unveiled his junior shooter program in partnership with the Vought Rifle Association," Coleman reports.

"The program aims to teach children how to safely carry and handle firearms and to cherish their God-given Second Amendment rights."

Gunpowder, portrayed by Sean Patrick Flanery, is thus a former member of Payback. He previously appeared briefly during season 1 of 'The Boys' in a TV segment.

Crimson Countess is also linked to Payback (as the character was a team member in the original comics).

She will be played by 'The Walking Dead' alum Laurie Holden. The 'Seven on 7' item shows the character performing at the Vought Land theme park.

A first look at Holden in character arrived two days ago.

A premiere date for season 3 of 'The Boys' has yet to be confirmed.