Transporting us to the other side of the US, we got a snapshot of what life is like for Eleven and Will in their newer, sunnier surroundings.

In case you missed it over the weekend, 'Stranger Things' season four is gearing up for a 2022 release date.

Announced during 'Stranger Things Day' on November 6 ("celebrating" the date in 1983 when Will went missing during season one), Netflix released a new trailer for the series, as well as the episode titles for the upcoming entry.

At the end of season three, we saw a newly-depowered Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) leave Hawkins with the Byers family months after their final showdown with the Mind Flayer.

In the teaser, we see her adjust to her new high school where she and Will (Noah Schapp) are attending; but it appears that even with a new setting for her, Eleven still struggles to fit in. She narrates a letter to Mike (Finn Wolfhard), which reveals that the teens plan on meeting up for the upcoming spring break, saying: "We will have the best spring break ever."

It might not be "the best spring break ever", but it's sure to be a memorable one for the characters. Check out the teaser below.

'Stranger Things' season four, as per every other season, also released the titles of all nine upcoming episodes, allowing for plenty of speculation as to what's to come for the teenagers. The order of the episodes will be: 'The Hellfire Club', 'Vecna's Curse', 'The Monster and the Superhero', 'Dear Billy', 'The Nina Project', 'The Massacre at Hawkins Lab', 'Papa', and 'The Piggyback'.

The first teaser for the season was released way back at the beginning of 2020, which revealed that David Harbour's Jim Hopper will indeed return. Since then, production has been tipping away after picking up once again at the end of 2020. Promising to be the "darkest season" yet, new actors joining the ranks include Robert Englund from 'A Nightmare On Elm Street' and Amybeth McNulty from 'Anne With an E'.

'Stranger Things' season four will arrive on Netflix during summer 2022.