One of the interesting things that 'Stranger Things' has done since its inception is casting actors from the '80s in a TV series that's set in and is basically about the '80s.

It's not just the likes of Winona Ryder, but the three seasons so far have had had Sean Astin from 'The Goonies', Cary Elwes from 'The Princess Bride', Paul Reiser from 'Aliens' and 'Beverly Hills Cop', and Matthew Modine from 'Full Metal Jacket' and 'Married To The Mob'.

The upcoming fourth season, however, will feature a horror icon from the '80s in Robert Englund, best known for playing Freddy Kreuger from 'A Nightmare On Elm Street' and the subsequent sequels and spin-offs.

According to the release, Englund will play Victor Creel, "a disturbed and intimidating man who is imprisoned in a psychiatric hospital for a gruesome murder in the '50s", which sounds exactly like something from a Wes Craven movie. Englund has played Kreuger since the first movie in 1984, continuing in the role right up to 2003's 'Freddy Vs. Jason', which saw Freddy Krueger fight Jason Voorhees from 'Friday The 13th'. Yes, really.

Per an interview back in February, the tone in 'Stranger Things' Season 4 appears to be shifting back to straight-up horror, so casting someone like Robert Englund feels like a good choice.

No air date has been set for 'Stranger Things' Season 4 as of yet.