As much as Kevin Spacey was associated with 'House Of Cards' and its success, there was clearly no way that the series could continue without addressing the fact that he's no longer a part of the series.

While it was announced that he was to be removed entirely from the final season, the manner in which Frank Underwood - that's Spacey's character - was to be killed off or removed from the series wasn't addressed. Until now that is. The clip, which is likely from the opening episode of the final season, is pretty final about the whole topic.

Obviously, it's a pretty glaring spoiler so maybe don't watch the video if you'd rather not know.

Spacey, of course, has not been seen publicly since the allegations arose surrounding him. Just earlier today, the Los Angeles County DA's office dismissed an allegation from 1992 that Spacey sexually assaulted a man, however the actor still faces six separate investigations in England and a further allegation in Los Angeles that has not yet been processed by the DA's office.

Robin Wright was praised for leading the charge to bring back 'House Of Cards' for a final season, and has been upfront about her relationship with Spacey - which wasn't much beyond working - and what she believes should happen next for the actor.

'House Of Cards' arrives on Netflix on November 2nd.