Picture the scene, if you will.

It's 1994. You're about nine years old. You turn on Sky One and a weird noise, followed by a driving drum-beat kicks off and Robert Stack steps out of the shadows, wearing a trenchcoat and talking straight down the camera to you about UFO sightings, a murder case that went unsolved for a decade, or shows you some grainy footage of Bigfoot.

'Unsolved Mysteries' was a true-crime series that ran from 1987 right up until 2010, with each episode documenting and debunking conspiracies - as well as taking you through the solving of cold cases, all with a terrifying soundtrack and Robert Stack's soothing, baritone voice.

Well, with Netflix basically cranking out true-crime documentaries to beat the band, it shouldn't come as any surprise that 'Unsolved Mysteries' is making a comeback. Details are light and there's no air date, but it's understood each episode follows a single mystery.

The press release from Netflix also says that each of the mysteries will have "a global scale", but stopped short of giving away any further details. There's also no word on who'll be taking as host, seeing as how Robert Stack passed away in 2003. Dennis Farina, who took over from him, also passed away in 2013.

Our choice? Bill Hader, but doing Robert Stack's voice.