Computer, file this under Reasons Why We Need To Clone Kurt Russell because we've never heard anyone tell a UFO story this convincingly.

In 1997, a UFO was sighted over Phoenix, Arizona that was reportedly seen by close to 20,000 people. The event, known in ufologist circles (they're a thing) as the Phoenix Lights Incident, has been thoroughly investigated and while official explanations have been offered, there is still a huge amount of skepticism surrounding the event and whether or not it was actually a UFO or - as the US Air Force claims - weather balloons.

One of the people who called in the sighting was an unidentified pilot who described seeing six bright lights over Phoenix, Arizona from his aircraft as he was travelling towards the runway. The air-traffic controller replied that he was showing no other aircraft on his radar - which only added to the mystery surrounding the event.

For years, ufologists have wondered who that unidentified pilot was - and it was Kurt Russell. According to Kurt, he never mentioned the word "alien", or "UFO", and merely called it in when his son, Oliver Hudson, pointed out the strange-looking lights.

Here's Kurt Russell telling his side of the story in a recent interview on BBC. Also, keep an eye on Chris Pratt's reaction as well.


Via YouTube / BBC