Neil Gaiman, author and creator of 'The Sandman', is downplaying expectations of a second season renewal.

The show reigned #1 on the Netflix Top 10 TV list for two weeks in a row, amassing 196.98 Million hours viewed since its debut.

Critically acclaimed, the series also appeared in the Top 10 in 93 countries. All of those stats would suggest a second season is a sure thing. But Gaiman is definitely erring on the side of caution about the whole thing.

Tweeting over the weekend, the author replied to a fan asking why there would be any question over a renewal. The main reason for him was simply "because 'The Sandman' is a really expensive show."

He continued by saying, "for Netflix to release the money to let us make another season we have to perform incredibly well. So yes, we've been the top show in the world for the last two weeks. That still may not be enough."

Signs for the show, however, do look very promising. But with Netflix's future looking slightly unsure, there is always doubts over the large investment another series would entail.

Gaiman also tweeted to ask fans of the show to share it far and wide. The tweet was in reply to a question about a certain storyline of the comics yet to be explored. Gaiman reassured the fan that it would be covered "if we get a second season."

Last week, a surprise bonus episode of the show dropped. The two-parter features an animated story voiced by the likes of David Tennant, Michael Sheen, James McEvoy and Sandra Oh.

'The Sandman' is currently streaming on Netflix.