The filmmakers behind 'Tiger King' have heard your demands and are working on more episodes.

'Tiger King' has proven a massive hit for Netflix and became a pop culture phenomenon after its debut in March.

The series follows larger-than-life big cat owner personalities across America, particularly Joe Exotic.

Projects starring Nicolas Cage and Kate McKinnon which are based on the series are already in the works.

According to THR, those behind the series are now looking into the 2003 mauling attack that ended the Siegfried & Roy show.

They report that they learned through a contact that work is underway on a follow-up episode to 'Tiger King'.

They say it will "specifically act as a higher-minded corrective to both the original seven-episode series as well as comedian Joel McHale’s aftershow special, the latter of which was not produced by the filmmakers."

Dr. James Liu, an associate of 'Tiger King' director Eric Goode, is currently searching for contact information for Chris Lawrence, a former tiger handler for Siegfried & Roy’s Las Vegas show.

Lawrence suffered from PTSD following the infamous tiger attack which left Roy Horn permanently injured. Horn died last Friday at 75.

There's no word yet on when the new episode or episodes will air.