Well, it'd be pretty hard to find a more perfect fit to play Joe Exotic.

The star of 'Tiger King', in case you haven't followed the series, Joe Exotic, is the eccentric owner of 1200 lions, tigers and bears among other animals in a wildlife park in Oklahoma.

He's the main subject of the doc series with his volatile and obnoxious personality. Exotic also proved to be oddly charismatic. But his bravado and aggressive tendencies landed him in trouble as he was eventually imprisoned for murder for hire.

'Tiger King' proved such a hit for Netflix that it's of little surprise that a scripted TV series based on its subjects has entered development. Nicolas Cage will play Joe Exotic.

Another show set to star Kate McKinnon as Exotic's nemesis Carole Baskin is in the works too. McKinnon is also executive producer on the series which the real-life Carole Baskin has pleaded not to use real cats in.

This marks Nic Cage's first TV role.

The show will comprise of eight episodes. It is based on "Joe Exotic: A Dark Journey Into the World of a Man Gone Wild", an article by Leif Reigstad published in Texas Monthly.

Cage will also be executive producer.

'American Vandal' showrunner Dan Lagana is writing the script. Imagine Television Studios and CBS Television Studios are producing it.

'Tiger King' is streaming on Netflix now.