According to Marvel Cinematic Universe boss Kevin Feige, the original Pietro in 'WandaVision' was never in the running (get it?!).

We now know which Quicksilver was considered superior, or at least, made the most sense for this situation. The Marvel boss has said it was always going to be Evan Peters as Pietro in 'WandaVision'.

The ending of episode five of the Disney+ series saw Wanda's brother Pietro Maximoff return from beyond the grave. But, it wasn't the MCU version played by Aaron Taylor-Johnson, but Fox's X-Men universe iteration played by Evan Peters (the far superior version, in everyone's eyes). The switch didn't go unnoticed by the characters either, with Kat Dennings' Darcy remarking that Wanda had recast her brother.

While it's still unclear what exactly is happening in Wanda's Westview Hex, we are suspicious as to whether this really is Wanda's brother - or, if he's even alive. With two more episodes left in the series, there's a lot of explaining to be done.

Discussing the development process at Marvel's virtual press tour last night, Kevin Feige says the Pietro swap was always going to happen. He said:

"Well, there are discussions on everything, at one point or another. That’s one of the fun things about developing these things or blue-skying it in the rooms. My favourite part of the process is always the very, very beginning when we’re figuring out what something could be and at the very, very end when we’re refining it and putting it out into the world. So there were all sorts of discussions, but I believe we ended up going with what you saw relatively early on in the development process. It’s just another way that certain people were messing around with Wanda."

Kevin Feige via The Wrap

After last week's surprise ending (which dropped an unbelievably catchy track too), fans cannot wait to see what happens in 'WandaVision' next. Episode eight will premiere on Disney+ this Friday.