The AMC/Amazon Prime dramedy series with Annie Murphy is to have a two-season run.

The helter-skelter series that is 'Kevin Can F**k Himself' is to end after its second season, which is set to air in 2022.

The AMC dramedy - which airs in Ireland and the UK on Amazon Prime - was renewed for eight more episodes last August. It has now come to light that this second season will serve as the final ending.

The multi-camera show stars 'Schitt's Creek' alum Annie Murphy as Allison, a stereotypical suburban housewife who slowly begins to realise that she's married to an insufferable, interminable pig of a man, Kevin (Eric Petersen).

The first season of the dark comedy is made up of eight episodes and features two different camera set-ups for when Allison appears on-screen with her husband, and when she's without. When Kevin isn't in the picture, the series takes on a crime drama feeling, but when the titular character is in the picture it turns into a straight-up sitcom with a laughter track audience.

The end of season one was left on a cliffhanger as Allison's murderous scheme gets found out by her next-door neighbour and Kevin's best friend, Neil (Alex Bonifer). Patty (Mary Hollis Inboden), however, interjects and sets up what's to come in season two.

An interesting concept, which is held together by strong performances from Murphy and the supporting cast, when we viewed the first series we found every reason for Allison to want to murder her husband. His grating, brash personality mixed with total disregard of his wife would make anyone fit for murder. However, these moments focussing on Kevin proved to be tiresome to watch.

'Kevin Can F**k Himself' was Annie Murphy's first central role since she exited 'Schitt's Creek' after six seasons. For her final season role as Alexis Rose, she received an Emmy Award. Her next major acting gig will be joining Natasha Lyonne for season two of Netflix's 'Russian Doll'.