Walking in slow-motion to make an entrance can make anyone look good, but when you're already Keanu Reeves, that effect is compounded.

If you haven't yet watched enjoyable rom-com 'Always Be My Maybe' on Netflix this weekend, none of this will make sense. Here's a quick recap - there's a scene in the movie where the female lead, Ali Wong, introduces her on-off squeeze and it's none other than Keanu Reeves.

In the scene, Reeves walks out and does that old grin of his to Awolnation's 'Sail', but a new Twitter account has turned him into a meme and replaced the song with... well, everything.

Here's a few examples.

Now, you're probably thinking, that's three songs and they're all perfectly matched to that entrance and tempo. You can't make it work to the likes Beach Boys' 'Kokomo' or Huey Lewis & The News' 1986 pop-rock hit, 'The Power Of Love'.

Wrong. Way wrong. So wrong and you don't even know it.

So, what's the lesson here? What's the takeaway from all of this? Is it that any piece of music works to Keanu Reeves walking out? Yes, that's the primary lesson here. You can't do it, neither can we. But Keanu Reeves can. That's good to know on a Tuesday in the middle of June.