Yes, even the most-watched Netflix film of the year cannot escape the clutches of Screen Junkies.

The Honest Trailers team have taken aim at 'Red Notice', and as one would expect, they've gone in hard on the Netflix creation. Like, ripped it apart and left it for dead, hard.

The Dwayne Johnson, Ryan Reynolds and Gal Gadot release was announced as Netflix's most-watched film of the year ('Squid Game' taking the TV title, naturally), and was also Ireland's most-searched movie on Google for the year. With all of that positive news, you'd reckon the film is actually pretty great, right? Wrong.'s Deirdre Molumby awarded the action caper a pretty sub-par 1.5 stars out of five, saying "the entire movie feels like a box-ticking exercise" with everything about the film feeling "clichéd and forced". It didn't fare much better with other critics, earning a certified "rotten" score on Rotten Tomatoes of 34%.

Audiences seemed to love it, however, awarding it 92%, a runaway success. A formulaic action/comedy with big names and a predictable plot? It was a disappointing success waiting to happen.

And now, onto the team over at Honest Trailers to pick apart 'Red Notice'. The Screen Junkies creation calls out Netflix for creating movies like this based on what titles audiences watch the most, before moving on to all of the predictable double-crosses that happen during the film's near two-hour running time. They also call out Gadot's brief singing and then segway into her 'Imagine' cover from 2020.

Here's the Honest Trailers take on 'Red Notice', where all of the characters apparently have daddy issues.