We hope you're sitting down, because the 'Home Alone' reboot just got its first trailer.

Well, it's almost Halloween, so we suppose it's about time to start gearing up for the Christmas season already. Well, at least we know there will be one movie that has caught our attention this winter - 'Home Sweet Home Alone'.

The 'Home Alone' reboot/sequel has released its very first trailer, and we don't know how we feel about it, to be honest.

Starring 'Jojo Rabbit' break-out star Archie Yates in the role as the young boy who is left home alone over the holiday season, he'll star as Max Mercer who must protect his house from a pair of unfortunate burglars. Macaulay Culkin brought the beloved character of Kevin McCallister to life during the '90s films.

Ellie Kemper and Rob Delaney will play the two burglars this time around, and a number of other stars included in the cast are Kenan Thompson, Chris Parnell, Tim Simons, Pete Holmes and Ally Maki. We also catch a glimpse of Devin Ratray, who will be reprising his role as Kevin's older brother Buzz, who we can see is now a police officer.

Irish comedian and actor Aisling Bea features prominently in the 'Home Sweet Home Alone' trailer, playing Max's mother, Carol. The role was most famously played by Catherine O'Hara in the first two entries in the family franchise.

Now, judging from this first initial look at the film, we're in two minds as to what to expect. It appears the script was influenced very heavily from the original feature, as well as some of the various traps Max sets for his new enemies. We also have a lot of questions after seeing the trailer (such as how could this happen in this day and age?), but here's hoping it will make for a fun watch in the build-up to the jolly season.

Take a look at the 'Home Sweet Home Alone' trailer.

'Home Sweet Home Alone' will debut on Disney+ on November 12.