In some bad news for fans of 'The Batman' and Matt Reeve's version of Gotham, it looks like the HBO series spinoff about the city's police department has been put on indefinite hold.

All this comes from the man himself, who was recently interviewed on MTV journalist Josh Horowitz's 'Happy, Sad, Confused' podcast.

Speaking on the pod, Reeves mentioned that, "There's the Gotham Police show, that one's been put on hold, we're not going to do that."

The series was announced last July and originally had Terence Winter on board as showrunner. However Winter was then replaced by Joe Barton of of the BBC mini-series 'Giri/Haji'.

Reeves continued, going into detail about what the show was going to involve. "I had this whole idea that was like 'Prince of the City' (The 1981 neo-noir film). It was going to be Year One. Because the movie is Year 2.

"It was going to be about this corrupt cop. It was going to be about the worst gang in Gotham being the GCPD. He was going to cross paths with Gordan and he would have been someone to measure himself against. But it would be a battle for his soul."

Reeves mentioned that while Warner Brothers and HBO weren't against the show's idea, they wanted a more recognisable main character.

"Now I love this idea, it's super cool to me. And they didn't not love this idea, they just wanted to centre a show on someone more [iconic]."

Luckily for us, there are plans for a HBO spinoff involved Colin Farrell's Penguin. The series has been in development since last September.

Speaking to our very own Brian Lloyd last week, Reeves said of the show, "I had this idea I wanted to do, almost like a 'Scarface' story for the Penguin. He knows the capabilities within him but nobody else does. In the wake of what happens in this story, there's a power vacuum where he's going to make his first moves.

"I thought there was kind of an 'American Dream' story for The Penguin that takes place in Gotham and so we're going this series for HBO Max and Colin is going to be in it. I can't wait to do that."