We've got our official release date for 'Doctor Strange 2' on the streaming service, and it's going to be later this month.

The summer is finally (well, sort of) kicking into gear, and with it we've got a concrete release date for when 'Doctor Strange' in the Multiverse of Madness' hits Disney+.

Teleporting its way onto the streaming service on Wednesday, June 22, it'll only have been six and half weeks since its debut in cinemas.

Debuting on May 6, the first Marvel Cinematic Universe release to hit cinemas this year was generally well-received by critics, mostly down to the phenomenally strong performance from Elizabeth Olsen, who took former Avenger Wanda to creepy new heights. There was also a hell of a lot of cameos, which secured that the Marvel fanfare was a strong one. All in all, Sam Raimi's more horrifying take on the franchise was celebrated for being one of the franchise's darkest entries yet.

In our review of the MCU release, our Movie Editor Brian Lloyd's closing statement on the film was: "Never quite a full-blown horror or as weird as it could be, but nowhere near as rote as the first one, 'Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness' is a swirling mixture that only Sam Raimi could possibly concoct and make this good."

'Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness' hits Disney+ two weeks after the newest superhero joins the roster. 'Ms. Marvel' AKA Kamala Khan will debut on the streaming service on June 8, introducing us to Marvel's first on-screen Muslim hero. Based in Jersey City, the teenager discovers a magical "cosmic" bangle that unleashes incredible new powers, like her favourite Avenger, Captain Marvel.

The OTHER big MCU cinematic release of the summer, 'Thor: Love and Thunder', crashes into cinemas on July 8. If Disney and Marvel follow a similar release date route with Thor's fourth entry, then expect this title to hit Disney+ in August.