If you love nature series narrated by David Attenborough such as 'Planet Earth' and 'Blue Planet', you'll be delighted to hear there's another one to watch.

'Life in Colour with David Attenborough' is dropping on US Netflix next month.

The streaming service previously collaborated with the broadcaster and naturalist on the documentary 'A Life on Our Planet' and the series 'Our Planet'.

This latest consists of three episodes and arrives on Earth Day.

According to the Netflix synopsis, "David Attenborough travels the world from the rainforests of Costa Rica to the snowy Scottish Highlands to reveal the extraordinary and never-before-seen ways animals use color.

"Using revolutionary camera technology created specifically for this series, viewers will experience how colors invisible to the human eye play a vital role in animal interactions.

"From the seemingly magical ultraviolet signals on a butterfly’s wings to the surprising yet crucial purpose behind a Bengal tiger’s stripes, a hidden world of color is waiting to be discovered."

You can watch the trailer below.

'Life in Colour' arrives on Netflix in the US on April 22nd. An Irish release has yet to be confirmed.