A new take on the classic fairytale of 'Cinderella' is coming to Amazon Prime.

The new movie sees singer Camila Cabello play Cinderella in her acting debut.

Cabello also contributed to the music in the movie.

The soundtrack will incorporate pop songs from contemporary artists and original songs by Cabello.

Also starring are Billy Porter (as Cinderella's fairy godparent), Idina Menzel (as the evil stepmother), Nicholas Galitzine (as Prince Robert), James Corden (as James the Footman/mouse), John Mulaney (as John the Footman/mouse), Missy Elliott (as Town crier), Minnie Driver (as Queen Beatrice) and Pierce Brosnan (as King Rowan).

It was announced in May that after getting postponed a number of times, that 'Cinderella' would be skipping cinemas.

The movie will now premiere worldwide on Prime, other than in China, to which Sony has retained rights.

Kay Cannon ('Pitch Perfect') directs from a script she penned.

'Cinderella' has been adapted for film on numerous occasions.

Popular versions include the 1950 animated classic movie, the 2015 live-action reboot with Lily James, as well as the 1997 TV movie starring Brandy and Whitney Houston.

The Camila Cabello starrer arrives on Amazon Prime on September 3rd.