Amanda Seyfried showcased her versatility in the role of disgraced billionaire Elizabeth Holmes.

The rise and fall of Elizabeth Holmes and the Theranos "empire" in the Disney+ miniseries was executed to perfection by Seyfried down to every wide-eyed star and every throaty word.

If we came into the series without having heard the story prior, as viewers we too would have felt conned by the teenage girl who dreams of helping people as she dances in front of a poster of Steve Jobs to the tune of 'I'm in a hurry' by Alabama.

In her interview with Variety, Seyfried encourages that the series is a way for us to remember the damage caused by the narcissistic con-artist, "The story keeps going if we keep talking about it — and then we don’t let her off the hook".

But she admits that there was no way she could have captured the novel eccentricities of the character without having some kind of attempt at understanding of Holmes, "Of course there’s some of me in Elizabeth — but the more Amanda can get lost, the more thrilling it is for me".

It was the first time we'd seen Seyfried in the role of a real life villain, but that's the thing with the actor, she'll never be pigeon-holed by Hollywood, letting single roles define her.

"I think people in the industry are realizing that I can be cast as more than just versions of me" she encourages, reminiscing on her first big role as Karen in 'Mean Girls'.

There was no way she was going to let herself be typecast based on the ditsy teenage who tells the weather with her boobs, but Seyfried appreciates Karen was and is "the most iconic type of character".

Seyfried has always switched up roles; after 'Mean Girls' she went on to play 'Sophie', the love-struck songbird in 'Mamma Mia' back in 2008, and from there starred in the horror 2011 'Red Riding Hood', she played Cosette in the 2012 film adaption of 'Les Misérables', among a tonne of other diverse roles.

How did she achieve all that? She always had one word in mind when it came to her career, "longevity". So, she asked herself how she was going to last in Hollywood and decided "You work with different types of people and different mediums. You keep people guessing".

Initially, it came as a surprise to us that she was going to take on Elizabeth Holmes TV adaption. But having seen the miniseries, it's quite clear that Seyfried is the only actor who could've played Holmes. She's perfect.

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