Chances are that you woke up this morning thinking that the last thing you possibly expected to see on the Internet today was a video of Lil Wayne singing along to a parody of the Friends theme tune.

Well, welcome to the alternate dimension as that's exactly what you're about to witness.

The New Orleans rapper - who was recently hospitalised after suffering epileptic seizures - has made an appearance in a very bizarre promo for the NFL that seems him mouth the words to a new version of 'I'll Be There for You'.

The parody basically implores NFL teams not to lose the first two games of the season ('go 0-2') with lines like "You already brought your loyal fans to tears / 'Cause it hasn't been your day, your week, your month / For like 15 years / Please don't go 0-2 / Just 'cause you can't catch a ball."

Watch it below: